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Galactic Command Personnel

Contact Information

Grand Moff

Galactic Commander

(Jeff Obenschain  Council Chair


Admiral Galactic S-3

(Briana Haymore  Staff Advisor 


High Colonel Galactic S-6

(Roy Randolph Technical Officer


Sector Command Personnel

Colonel Massanutten Sector

(Karl Schaeffer Chair 


Commander Massanutten Sector

(Zahra Ihsan 434-882-2088)

Colonel Monticello Sector

(Scott Desmond

Boy Scout Chair 434-242-1538)

Colonel Monticello Sector

(Jason Jennings Cub Scout Chair


Commander Monticello Sector

(Anna Mills  540-943-6675)

Commander Southern Sector

(Tom Greenwood 540-968-143)

Colonel Valley Sector

(Joanna Johnson Chair 


Admiral Valley Sector

(Briana Haymore 540-808-8842)

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